Heavy industry

You can define the mining industry, steel industry, machinery industry but also the chemical industry and the semiconductor industry as heavy industry

This type of industry is called heavy because the raw materials are heavy and bulky.
As a result, the transport of the raw material is expensive, and the choice of location is primarily determined by the transport factor.

Heavy industry is characterized by a profound degree of mechanization and automation, and is very capital intensive.

Heavy industry is also characterized by specific processes and related working conditions with the associated risks, more specific the security risks are significantly different from other industries. Safety in this industry is characterized by specific circumstances like; heavy, hot together with crane movements but also transports with large vehicles or robots. Some factories produce secondary products in workflows that incorporate chemistry bordering risks seen the wide variety of fabrics that are elaborated in the workflow.


TMG International is aware of the specific safety requirements that go with these type of processes, we offer you specific skills, tooling and a dedicated project approach for your safety plans.



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