Innovation and Optimization

TMG International is a solid partner in innovation and optimization. One of our most outspoken core-skills can be found in our experience with optimizing maintenance processes

TMG International has a strong focus on reducing downtime of systems to the actual critical path and on optimizing the maintenance processes.

In detail, we evaluate the activities, as well as the interaction between the various sub-processes, thus providing a minimum scope for a relevant downtime. You don’t want any downtime for any work that could be done whilst your installation is still running.

Conventionally, there are two types of maintenance: preventive and corrective. The disadvantage of preventive maintenance is that it’s very difficult to control with a realistic budget, and the corrective maintenance has the disadvantage that it’s most often being planned in a too late stage.

The alternative is predictive or just-in-time maintenance.
This method uses historical data as well as sensors to predict the failure of an installation (- part) accurately. By applying this method, usually on rotary plants or rotary plant parts, the maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum level with a minimal risk of failure.

Another way of saving on maintenance is conducting risk-based maintenance; in this program risks are identified and handled with priority according to the biggest risk.

TMG International is continuously looking for improvements in the area of ​​maintenance and cost reduction for you!