Completion and safeguarding

Get organized, stay organized

Information is key in the Asset Life Cycle!
In the engineering phase there is a need for historical information, information to execute the FMECA – processes and information exchange between suppliers need to be aligned.

When operating assets information need to be fully available, as-built, in the maintenance information system.
Up-to-date information on components, equipment and spares is essential.

In order to correct defaults and optimize processes, drawings, P&ID’s and inspection results must be available.

The more complex the installation, the more extended information will be, i.e. Manuals, regulations, specifications, spare parts and drawings.

TMG International will start safeguarding this information by setting-up a technical project administration and document control system between customer and supplier, fully integrated with the customers’ Maintenance Control System.

We are specialized in information management in all phases of an Asset Life Cycle.

Reduce loss in production and license to operate in the field of regulation, safety and environment by having full access to up-to-date information in your Maintenance Control System.

TMG International activities;

• Maintaining your Maintenance Information System and applying as-built information
• Translation of P&ID’s to system structures
• Provision of information to conduct FMECA sessions
• Implementation of the chosen maintenance strategy in your Maintenance Information System
• Translation of maintenance plans to user manuals or scope of work
• Delivery of the route from spare part list to warehouse pick-list