Maintenance, planning and management

Maintenance Engineering

TMG specializes in conducting practical risk analysis (FMECA), preparation of clear maintenance plans, smart organizing of maintenance operations and setting up your maintenance management system (MMS)

The maintenance management system (MMS) is often used to record both the hours worked and malfunctions. Our specialists have experience in various practices the lack of optimized usage of available systems and software. A big part of existing functionalities to analyze, report and propose improvements, often remain unutilized.

We specialize in optimizing and mapping all possible functionalities and we ensure that these are implemented and used to upgrade your in-house performance.

Software selection and implementation
When selecting a tool (MMS) the specific requirements in your Technical Service Department, for instance regarding the Management Information, remain often undefined.
Secondly it’s our experience that budgeted deployment time and capacity during the implementation phase is often not respected. TMG International supports and optimizes these processes, based on our knowledge and experiences.

We assist in defining the following routes:
• Conditions (to be met by tooling)
• The need-to-know information (what information is accessible / which reports are available)
• The Tree-Structure (securing uniformity)
• Linking articles (-> warehouse) to objects
• Linking documentation to objects (incl. unsubscribe functions)
• Instructions and support the usage of the MMS
• Implementing communication needs between customer and supplier

Maintenance Concept
A maintenance concept (MC) bridges the gap between business goals, the policy of the organization and the operational reality.
Drafting maintenance concepts can be done in different ways. Most maintenance concepts are compiled based on years of experience or on the basis of costs. TMG International uses a variety of theoretical models, including risk assessments in order to achieve your optimal Maintenance Management System.

It’s our principle to ensure the alignment of the Maintenance Management with your business objectives by tuning your maintenance and charting Safety Critical Equipment (SCE)