Petrochemical Industry

Without the petrochemical industry, the world would look very different. In the Netherlands it even is the second most important industry.

Imagine all products where oil is a basic component. Crude oil contains many different chemicals, which enables you to fabricate an almost infinite number of products. Many products are fabricated in (oil) refineries. Crude oil is a basic component for lubricating oil in the automotive industry and for a variation of machinery. It’s the basic component for fuels (diesel, petrol and LPG for cars, kerosene for aircraft, fuel oil for ships), and is the starting point for raw materials in the chemical industry.
The chemical industry on her turn produces all kinds of chemicals, many of which you encounter every day. Most plastics and synthetic products are still made from crude oil, products like most electronics products such as mobile phones, computers, cars, etc.

Maintenance at Petrochemical plants can only be performed guaranteeing an absolute minimum downtime; only a vey accurate planning of such can be taken into account within the actual production planning. With an average operating profit of 5.22% in the refining and petrochemical processes, it’s evident that this industry is continually searching for cost reduction and hence also cost reduction on maintenance.

TMG International has broad experience with Maintenance Projects in the petrochemical industry and is always looking for new methods to perform the smartest and most efficient maintenance in the shortest possible downtime.


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