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Press release January 20, 2016:

Primetals Technologies France SAS and TMG International BV enter a partnership agreement for project coordination.

Dave Philipse, President of TMG International: “We are proud to have been selected to provide on a turnkey project our technical assistance and expertise in project coordination in partnership with Primetals Technologies. We have been chosen on our wide experience in managing successfully a wide range of projects. We are convinced our co-operation with Primetals Technologies will be a successful one”.

Primetals Technologies France, leader in Galvanizing and Processing Line worldwide, believes to have found the most solid partner for their needs. Co-operation with TMG International has been proven successfully in the past and Primetals Technologies is very confident that current and future projects will benefit from it.

TMG International operates as contract and project coordination partner for industrial operations throughout the world. Projects have been completed for various industries including the Oil & Gas, Steel and Energy sectors.

As the world leader in metallurgical plant solutions, Primetals Technologies works passionately to continuously improve and challenge themselves to accomplish new goals, increase their customers’ competitiveness, and make a lasting contribution to society.”


Our work

TMG International typically works for industrial activities, such as Oil, Gas, Chemicals and Energy related organizations.
We provide the following services:
Management, Orchestration, Project management, Planning, Budget control, Quality management, Safety- and Risk-management, Lifecycle- and Maintenance management, Design, Engineering, Procurement.
Our skills, talking about our expert staff, are reflected in performing, amongst others, in typical, international, projects like:
- A revamp-project for a big Steel manufacturer
- A Lifecycle/Maintenance project for a governmental Institution
- Building an installation for a mining plant



We define, together with our customers, a working solution and we take the full responsibility for the implementation of such a solution, taking into account all safety measurements, taking responsibility for the time frame, and respecting the defined budget.
Furthermore TMG International respects her corporate social responsibility, departing from such in all our activities and asset management services.


Services & Products

Services & Products
The project-based deployment of our specialists translates your technical questions into cost-effective and efficient solutions. TMG International is your qualified partner for:
- Project- / Program- management
- Design and Engineering
- Realization and Implementation
- Delivery and Safeguarding


Our method

The "O" Measurement, -Front-end loading (FEL) phase -, is required to determine the scope properly is an absolute condition TMG International provides such, before any process/project starts. The working methods of TMG International consist of defining the ultimate process-goal by means of this 0-measurement in which the primary purpose is a transparent process from the starting-point/date towards the defined goal, meanwhile unburdening our customers along the progress of the undertaken process/project.



TMG International offers a proud and motivated staff, together with a no-nonsense culture, we assist companies and institutions in keeping installations and constructions up-to-date and in a state-of-the-art shape.
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In order to comply with all demands and skills within a project TMG International works in a complementary partnership with:

Engineering - Tebulo
Data Management - Kim Plus Delta
Human Resources - Selectum