Food & Medical

The market for the food industry is changing rapidly.

Customers expect quick delivery, good service and high quality at the lowest price. Your company will actively go along with these changes by reducing costs and keep business processes manageable.

It is important that you have a proper maintenance plan for your installations in order to support your core business, enabling you to make quick and effective decisions.
With a decent and modern maintenance approach, you are able to carry out your financial planning and budgeting more efficiently, you are able to plan maintenance and repair, and to plan and carry out the acquisition of new and spare Assets.

Important advantages of a proper maintenance plan are:
- Company-wide overview of your assets to enable your management to make better decisions
- Maximizing the use and deployment of your assets
- Optimize the productivity of your employees through optimal planning of maintenance and repair
- Improve your inventory for maintenance and repair.
- Gain insight into the financial performance of your Assets (asset management).

The food & drug industry is characterized by high demands on hygiene, and a proper usage of materials for the installations have a determining impact on the final product.

TMG International has experience in maintaining but also designing these installations whether they are made of glass or stainless steel, whether they should be built or maintained. TMG International is your obvious partner.


TMG International is your trustworthy partner.