We are different!

DO IT! Too often we experience that companies promise to unburden, but in practice ignore the scopes of their clients. We work for you, you don’t work for us!

TMG International is admittedly a young and dynamic company, but created by people who have gained experience for a long time in the field of project realization and maintenance of installations throughout the lifecycle and in different industries.
With passion and enthusiasm we work to solve complex maintenance projects. Together with the customer we define a solution that works. We take the responsibility to implement this solution. That is what we mean by just DO IT!

A bit 'old school' maybe, but our company is fully focused on achieving the agreed performance.

• Single Point of Contact
• Scope Determination of the options provided. Scope freeze in advance
• Quality is agreed in advance
• Safety first
• Acceptance according to agreements made.
• Tolerances are fixed
• Fixed teams. Clear roles, powers and responsibilities (LTV)
• Team Composition adjusted on the basis of already available resources (customer)
• Training
• Delivering transparent plans and progress (real time)

TMG International; your trustworthy partner