In contrast to the program management, we speak of project management if at least the following factors are known: Scope, Time and Costs.

The project manager is reporting to a steering group / project board and is performance-accountable, within the pre-defined tolerances, on the levels of time, money, scope and quality.

TMG International offers project management in the field of integrated multidisciplinary projects, such as; new construction, revamp-, and maintenance. In addition, it is also possible to perform in single discipline projects as engineering, management and documentation projects.

At all times, the relevance of the business case will be monitored in order to give the steering group / project board the input which enables them to make the right decisions in time.

Project management teams are set in accordance with the specific needs and may include functions like; project manager, construction manager, safety manager, engineering manager and a project controller. It goes without saying that security is safeguarded so, after completion, you can look back on a good project completed without incident.

For TMG-International safety has the highest priority, therefore we use the zero-tolerance policy when people haggle with safety, after having received all necessary instructions, toolboxes, etc. If not compliant with our standards anyone will be removed directly and indiscriminately.

TMG International provides you the people together with a broad range of skills, to carry out complex projects satisfactorily, thus achieving the objectives of your projects.