TMG International always performs a "O" –Measurement in the Front-end loading (FEL) phase, which is required to determine the scope properly.

Program management:
The definition of our program management (PGM) approach is "a way of managing or controlling complex of interrelated projects and / or other efforts of an outstanding importance, which does not fit within the normal working procedures of the permanent organization".

Our PGM is therefore an excellent tool for the permanent organization to organize “extra-attention-with-a-focus”.
Managing a program substantially differs from managing a project. In practice it often comes down to managing a program where overall results are known, but the final impact remains unknown as the timeframe and scope will have too many unknown factors.

A program is a developing route.
An example of such a program is the “corrosion under insulation process”. In this case, the scope is not yet known hence research needs to be done in order to determine the scope, after the scope is determined, we speak of the completion of a "0" measurement.

Another example is a program in which the state (lifecycle) of the system is at stake, also in this case a front-end loading (FEL) phase is required to determine scope properly.

The "0" measurement has a number of defined deliverables:
Scope known impact identified, inventoried costs, risks mapped, lead-time is known, in short, an entire definition of requirements for the next phase. More precisely, timetable, quality of supply program, the impact on the permanent organization and the costs of implementation.

Depending on your needs TMG International includes occupational safety, process safety and the condition of the installation in the project plan.