TMG International has high ambitions when it comes to providing customer satisfaction and craftsmanship. To be able to deliver always as promised, we work in a complementary partnership. All our selected partners are leading organizations in their respective field.


Engineering, Tebulo

Engineering for the industry in which innovation, development, improvement and creativity are key words. The sectors in which we perform our engineering work are: Steel Industry, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Food, Utility, Energy, Nuclear Plants, Pharmaceutical and the Automotive industry.

The projects mainly concern front-end engineering processes. However, parts of it, such as studies, risk assessments, basic and detail engineering are important activities for Tebulo.

The Engineering Projects are multi or single discipline in which Mechanical and Electrical Engineering play a leading role. Civil and structural engineering are a part of Tebulo’s business as well.
Within our Mechanical division we perform Mechanical engineering, Piping and Steel Construction. Within our Electrical division the range of Energy Distribution (medium and low voltage) Control Technology, Measurement and Control, Instrumentation as well as Installation Technology completes our offer.
Besides our own operating-system-philosophy, programs are written for 3rd party operating systems and robots.

A project-based approach ensures that projects are engaged with precisely 'timed' disciplines, thus completed smoothly.

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Data Management, KIM Plus Delta

Implementing Data Management, Safeguarding Data Management.

Information plays a crucial role in the Asset Life Cycle. During the engineering, there is a need for historical data, information is needed for performing FMECA-processes and the exchange of information with suppliers needs to be a smooth process.
During the operation of your assets, information, complete, and as built, needs to be available in your Maintenance Management System. Up-to-date information on components, equipment and supplies is essential. Drawings, P & IDs and inspection results should be available to enable process optimization and a smooth reset of disruptions.
The more complex the system gets, the more extensive information, such as Manuals; regulations; specifications; inventory items and drawings, should be available. We will deliver, as a part of your Data Management System, a project management and document control system, to manage the communication between your organization and your suppliers. A connection with your MMS (Maintenance Management System) will be delivered.

We specialize in information management for all phases of the asset life cycle. A transparent availability of all the data in your MMS will limit any production loss to a minimum, and will safeguard your License to operate regarding laws and regulations, security and the environmental guidelines.

Our activities
• Keeping up-to-date your Data Management System. Streamlining change management to control data changes in relation to the as-built situation
• Translate P & IDs to system structures
• Deliver information for FMECA sessions
• Implement the maintenance strategy in the Maintenance Management System
• Manage all information regarding Maintenance, User Manuals or Working Instructions
• Manage your Spare Part List as well as your “ready to grab” items in your store.


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Human Resources, Selectum

Specialists for projects
Recruitment and supply of technical professionals for projects in the process industry can be performed by Selectum. Including staffing for civil engineering, shipbuilding, offshore projects, construction work and energy companies.
We can provide professionals for the design phase of the project as well as for the construction phase both as individuals or as a "tailor made" project team.

Carefree Manpower supply
Companies can confidently rely on us. Safety is our main priority. That is why we work according to the SCT standards and we are in possession of a valid certificate VCU (Safety and Health Checklist for Temporary Employment Agencies).
Our administration is fully compliant with the ISO 4400-1 standards.

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