Vision & Strategy

TMG International offers you independent Contract- and Projectmanagement thus achieving two big advantages:
Your company is temporarily fortified with a skilled and well experienced staff, in order to safeguard all preset goals of your project(s).
All contracted parties are continuously guided and controlled by a skilled and experienced projectmanagement staff, in order to safeguard all preset goals of your project(s).

TMG International helps her customers to reduce risks and ensure safety. Moreover, we increase production by providing innovative solutions, integrating our principle of  "thinking and doing”, in order to increase system availability.

Our strategy is simple yet unique: We work closely with our clients and our contracted, specialized partners in order to reach the agreed outcome without unpleasant surprises.

With our business model we offer:
• Unconditional dedication to the objectives of our customers
• Flexibility to meet the demand of our customers
• An approach that is entirely focused on co-operation
• The best specialists in all disciplines
• Unconditional safety
• Sustainability
• Openness
• The best solutions and techniques for optimization
• Understanding the business values ​​and culture of our clients
• We listen to our customers to determine their needs.

Our customers have a freedom of choice as to the level of responsibility for TMG International when contracting us for a project.


TMG International is your trustworthy partner