Complying with standards

Current Design Standards: 

PGS29 en PGS30

PGS29 represents the legislation for bulk tank storage of flammable liquids. This publication is applicable to plants with at least one vertical cylindrical aboveground mounted tank where the bottom of which is resting on a foundation. The actual storage of flammable liquids is carried out under atmospheric pressure, regarding substances, which are classified as 1, 2 and 3 or classified 4 for heated storage. This directive is, possibly with additional requirements, applicable to flammable liquids belonging to another hazard category.

PGS30 applies to above ground storage, under non-pressure conditions, of liquid fuels and / or mineral oil products with an ignition point of 23 ° C belonging to PGS Class 2, and 4, stored in one or more tanks with a capacity of up to 150 m3 per tank, as well as to their associated delivery systems for small-scale delivery.

PGS29 and 30 interim report:

Interim Report Tank Storage, Inspections PGS 29 storage tanks at BRZO companies August 5, 2013

In 18 of the 91 inspected companies no violations were found in the inspected installations. With 34 companies, there is a slightly increased risk on the basis of one or more offenses. 39 companies are not PGS29/30 compliant.

Tank Integrity
Typical violations in the area of tank integrity:
Maintenance: the systematic maintenance is not managed in the VBS, testing limits are exceeded. Defects were also detected in pipelines, tank pits etc.

Control and safety
Most violations regarding control and safety are due to the absence, lacking reliability or lacking independency of the required protection against overfilling the tank.

DVI / Explosion
Violations related to the incomplete or improper performance of zoning the area of ​​storage or processing of combustible materials and the use of improper equipment in these areas. Two companies were using incorrect equipment -pumps- in the heaviest zone. These companies are enforced to end this situation immediately.

Exposure to hazardous substances.
37 of the inspected companies do comply with the inventory- and limit-value requirements for the dangerous substances present in the company.

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Design standards Planning:

Hazardous Substances


The plan is updated annually. For more information, see the site of the NEN