Government projects are characterized as complex and with big interests. It is obvious, since it involves public money. In subsequent contracts a vast scope can be defined, all the more reason to keep a grip on quality, safety, scope, schedule and budget.

TMG International always defines an integral project-scope and will assist you in proceeding along risk-based asset management tools, which gives the priority to the project planning and the project budget.

Within the project scope, TMG International is flexible, efficient and with an understanding of aspects that are specifically important for authorities, such as reliability and with respect for the agreements made. Specific attention for the environmental aspects, in order to reduce any inconvenience or impact on the environment to an absolute minimum, is an unconditional element of our project approach.


A multidisciplinary approach in providing solutions and innovation / optimization in maintenance area’s, where we always aim to deliver cost reduction and more efficient maintenance of you installations, is one of our core competences.


To the experience of TMG International the execution of maintenance often proceeds according to a fixed schedule, independent of the degree of use of an installation. Often, the intermediate running and/or downtime hours are not taken into account. So there is a fair chance your organization is bearing costs for maintenance operations, which are an apparent overkill, where other installations suffer from a shortage of maintenance so it’s reliability could be at risk. This last situation is often overlooked. As an installation ages, it needs a different maintenance approach to guarantee it’s uptime.

TMG International has implemented this dynamic maintenance policy in various environments. Thus delivering an overall approach towards maintenance and management organizations, transforming them from a "cost center" into a department that creates measurable economic value.

TMG International believes in this risk-based maintenance approach, which lead to the spending of public funds with the correct priority. TMG International delivers the skills, the management approach and the tooling to enable you to reach these goals.


TMG International is your trustworthy partner.